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Pop Culture References in Shrek 2 (1/?)

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LA Confidential

it’s not enough that all sexy women have to walk in high heels, they made her SWIM in them? we live in an awful awful word!

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this scene is the reason i breathe

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make me choose: 
↳ anonymous asked Jemma Simmons or Rebekah Mikaelson 

lovely. (she could have her separate jemma collar, jemma fashion, jemma hair and jemma eyebrows appreciation posts and they’d all be valid.)

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19! ;)
vazsu asked

Breckin Meyer. Yes, the guy from Road Trip and the awful awful Garfield movie.

Anyone else?

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Mikkamakka megint csengetett.

- Halljuk az utolsó versenyzőt!

Nagy pironkodva előállt Dömdödöm, akiről mindenki tudja, hogy csak annyit tud mondani, dömdödöm.

Így szavalt:

Dömdödöm, dömdödöm,

- Nem ér! - rikoltozott Bruckner Szigfrid. - Akkor én meg azt mondom, hogy:

Prampapam, prampapam,

- Nono - mondta Mikkamakka -, csak azért kiabálsz, mert nem tudod, mit jelent Dömdödöm verse.

- Miért, mit jelent?

- Azt, hogy mindannyiunkat nagyon szeret.

- Engem is? - kérdezte gyanakodva Bruckner Szigfrid.

- Persze, téged név szerint is megemlített - mondta Mikkamakka.

- Éljen Dömdödöm - kiáltott Bruckner Szigfrid -, adjuk neki az első díjat!

- Adjuk! - kiabálták a többiek.

Mikkamakka és Maminti egy babérkoszorút helyezett Dömdödöm fejére.

- Te győztél - mondták neki.

- Majd kölcsönadhatod a krumplifőzelékembe - veregette meg a győztes vállát Bruckner Szigfrid.

Dömdödöm meg boldogan elindult az erdő felé, és fennhangon dúdolgatta a győztes verset.

Lázár Ervin - A négyszögletű kerek erdő (via vazsu)
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i might do these things from now on…

so i was thinking. chris evans is clearly wearing a shirt at least one size too small in the opening scene of tws. right? and i remember vaguely (i’ll check on monday cause i’m seeing it again) cap saying something about some regular shoes that would get destroyed if he was running in them? (pls somebody back me up on this!). so i have this headcanon where cute little shield scientists (yeah, fitzsimmons) are designing training clothes for cap and they just tell him that that’s the only size those extra special running shirts come in. and there’s noooo way they could make them bigger cause it’s extra fabric and they totally ran out so they had to choose between having 2 bigger shirts or 3 small ones but he likes to run so much so ooops sorry, no way. and then they just use their amazing tracking robots to watch him run.

anyone wants to write this?

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On set of Fight Club

On set of Fight Club

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 Keegan Adriance || Budapest 


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was this a making fun of fake nerd boys thing? i just realized this… steve expects him to recognize him cause apple genius, shaggy look, right? so he _must_ be into comic books and he works with tech stuff so he _must_ love the internets and he _must_ know all he can about the battle of ny. so he should recognize steve. but he’s just trying to flirt with him at the end… right? no? what do you think, everybodyilovedies? sirdef?

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This is the cutest thing to ever exist ever. Everyone else go home this is the winner


This is so funny!! Made my day!! :D


every time…

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totally trying out this hair in the near future…

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#maybe he’s born with it#maybe its hydra brainwashing

idk man… but his pouty lips. he’s totally born with them…


idk man… but his pouty lips. he’s totally born with them…

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